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Mandark [userpic]

Added notes on "not bitching about" and "tripping balls" in Visalia, California

September 12th, 2014 (10:23 pm)

current location: Visalia, California
Feelin:: exhausted
Sounds:: Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Can't take next antibiotic for another four hours. I have to take them every twelve. At least I have an alarm. This icki-ness is a nightmare and a blessing. I have to reassess things, plus-- I get to trip the fuck out while I do it. I feel sorry for Mathew though, as he has to put up with my crazy-ass. Trying to keep it together though. I guess that's why I decided to restart my LiveJournal. Although, as Dave said-- I never really left. It was more like a hiatus. Over and over. I spend more time writing in my actual journals. Probably too much time. There you can draw though. I can only post pictures of my drawings here-- I don't have the confidence or where-with-all to do it right now.
One time I was living in a tiny efficiency apartment. I had a farce of a swamp-cooler, an airplane sink, and a toilet. That was it. That's a lie. I had a giant shower as the entire fourplex was separated weird from a two bedroom house. I got the master bathroom. My good friend was a larger individual......he got the main kitchen, but the tiniest bathroom. He had to go into it sideways. Any way, this is all beside the point....the point is-- I loved my tiny apartment. I painted all the walls, I painted the trim, I made it my own. I read poetry on the CB radio.