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June 21st, 2015 (04:24 am)

Left to my own devices I masturbating until cumming didn't even feel like cumming anymore. Happy Birthday to me. Although, in seriousness, I did miss this kind of depravity. This isn't to say my current sex life isn't great, but I got to just have a full on masturbating fest with no fear of interruption. Masturbation, to me, is more like a contest with myself. Particularly since my wrists have gone bad, it's like-- how many orgasms can I have for before my wrist literally stops working. To date, and yes, for the birthday trophy, I've managed 11. Not great, but you know, it is what is. Do not confuse this with porno-style fantasy. It's pure mechanical. What I do, I sometimes call "stresstubation", as it mainly something I do obsessively when I'm stressed for a general sense of relief. It's a farse, I know. But temporarily effective.

Virtually no real sexual feeling attached to it. It's like a brain douche.


Posted by: jonamo_cat (jonamo_cat)
Posted at: June 25th, 2015 10:39 pm (UTC)
fappy birthday



is there a term specifically for hangover relief massturbating?

11 is impressive tho, i can barely manage 3, but i think that's a summer-time dehydration thing, it hurts just thinking about it

sooo old:((

(me, not you)